Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sun Diego

What a wonderful weekend in San Diego - so blessed to be here and able to enjoy sunshine in January. 
Was able to sight the spouts and a tail of a couple gray whales less than 200 yards off the coast today. 
Pretty awe struck as I have been wanting to catch them during this winter migration and am stoked to think it was maybe a mama and her baby, or a couple of kids out there playing.  
They didn't seem too big, but I was in a car driving along the coast, so it was hard to tell. I doubt the water is that deep being so close to the shore, which adds to my assumption that they were calves.
I hear they are migrating in record numbers around Point Loma - the peninsula shown below. 
The island in the harbor is called Coronado.

This is the San Diego Harbor as seen from the top Point Loma.  
You can see the Coronado bridge and the Navy base in the distance.

This is Sunset Cliffs, the beach side of Point Loma - just before the point. See any gray whale spouts?

The waves have been incredible and the beaches are super crowed with surfers and photographers.

Lots of buzz about the high surf!
 At low tide, the girls got to go play at dog beach in Del Mar!

Happy dogs = happy day :)

I love the way things in life can be SO BEAUTIFUL without even trying.  

Rocks. Ha :)

Sometimes the simplest things can create the greatest beauty.


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