Saturday, January 28, 2012


Went to get my hair done today and ended up trading a necklace as part of my payment.

Felt pretty good to knock $60 off the price 
and put one of my necklaces around the neck of a super fun and talented friend of mine.

She made me look like this...

So, I made her this...

I love trade.

I also love setting trends.

This picture was in the February issue of Vogue Magazine...

On another note, my hair stylist reminded me about a super cool website called Blurb 
that helps you make your own book.  
I am super excited to embark on this great adventure into publishing my Children's book. 


I also shared with her the contact info for a special course that I heard about from a friend.

Its a three-day course called Awakening Awareness and its part of a bigger program -
 Ethicalife in San Diego.

Here are the bullet points on the home page to the website.


Everything is vibrating energy.

The essence of each human being is multi-dimensional, a rich tapestry capable of creative genius. Starting from the lowest vibration, these dimensions include:
  • Physical – Our body and what we can touch, taste, smell, see, and hear, our vehicle for expressing in the world
  • Perceptual – Our 5 senses and the intuitive realms, working through the nervous system
  • Emotional – Our emotions, providing the passion in life that registers as sensation in the body
  • Mental – Our creative intelligence, working through the brain
  • Spiritual – Our unity with all that is, encompassing the body and our energy field.


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