Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Twosday Haiku

Twosday is way more exciting that regular old Tuesday--when you are creative!

I love my "Twoskus"
Haikus written about twos
I hope you do, two!

I thought about one
But is wasn't quite enough
Instead I wrote two

Two dogs, man's best friends
Add another and things change
Poor middle doggy

One plus one is two
One and one is eleven
I like two better

Onesday and twosday
Appear on a calendar
In the month of Math

I learned how to add
When I was just a wee lad
I made my dad glad

Numbers and weekdays
Mix so nicely in my mind
Imagine, Twosday.

We went out to eat
"Two please, non smoking, thank you."
Enjoy your dinner.

A good recipe
Calls for two teaspoons, not one
I add extra, too

Today is Twosday
All day long, things come in twos.
One? No make it two!

One lonely person
Is fine, just fine, but with two-
You get love divine!

Think of all the twos.
Think of the things you can use
Two feet need two shoes

Two hands need two gloves
True love is two turtle doves
Two eyes look above

Two, three, four and five
Add em up and feel alive!
Do a jump and jive!

When Twosday's over
And the day of math is done-
Dreams of twos will come!

Happy Twosday!

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