Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#82: Write five haikus on the same subject

Last summer I took a road trip to southern California and made sure to visit friends all along the coast.  The subject of these five haikus was a day when I reunited with two fellow English graduates that I had studied with at Cal State Northridge.  We walked to Venice with Lucy in tow and drank chai lattes while lounging in comfy chairs on the busy sidewalk in front of Coffee Bean.  

The first two haikus were inspired that night as we reminisced.  I decided to keep it going tonight since my dogs are such a huge part of my life and give me such strength and wisdom. 

Lucy in Dogtown
Don't look down, you might get lost
In the pretty dog.

Strangers greet her first
Her sweet innocence, a bridge
Good dog on my leash.

The chocolate croissant
That could be her end of days
Still she begs for it

When a dog smiles
I can see there is a God
And that God is love.

Writing in the sand
The message may wash away
But the moment stays

We walk to the beach
My good girls walking with me
All our tails wagging.

Canine soul sisters
Howl "I loooove you" at the moon
And dance to the tune!

California girls
Drunken, like the ones I find
Sippin' sweet sunshine!

Ms. Panda the bear
A reporter with blonde hair
Travels everywhere ;)

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