Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"The journey is the reward." Chinese proverb

You will be just fine.
Do not be afraid of life!
Life is finite,
No one gets out alive!

Whether it's the flower that grows and thrives,
And later shrivels and dies--
Or the dog that you teach,
Or does she teach you?

Everything that lives
The bare minimum being
The skin on him.
The petals on her.
Their fur.

It all goes back
Into the Earth
To be born again
And take the reigns on life
This is our time.
To LIVE the best we can LIVE
And BE the best we can BE!

It's how we'll survive--
In the light through the tree,
Or under a shell on the beach.
We can only be
As perfect as the nature we see.

There is a greater purpose for me.
Greater than the test of society,
Is the examination inside of me,
The challenge to just be.

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