Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Larry Bear and the Endless Sea

Larry Bear and the Endless Sea
by Amanda Steinhaus for Jada Rose

Larry Bear goes everywhere!
All across the ocean.
He lives on a ship
And plays sweet music!

When the fish hear his song,
They swim and dance along
All night long
Until the break of dawn.

Larry Bear dances above on his ship
He spins and "caw"s with his bird named, Skip.
He plays his flute, while Skip looks cute
As they sail out into the blue.

The ocean is calling them
She brings them home,
So many creatures within
They're never alone.

All of their days,
They dance and play,
Larry Bear and the ocean
Are here to stay.

So it seemed--
Until one day the water turned green,
And black with oil
And the dancing fish began to spoil.

The ocean wheezed and Skip sneezed
And Larry Bear fell to his knees!
From the top of his lungs he screamed,
"We have to stop all of this disease!

The fish are my friends,
With them I am not alone,
Is oil so important
We should ruin their home?

And the water once blue,
And so clear you could see through,
Is filled with black oil blobs
That the fish mistake for food.

My fishy friends can still be saved,
If kids and parents today,
Drive cars and use things
Called alternative fuel machines.

That one choice
Will be the voice
That tells our earth
We know her worth!

Will you choose
To keep her blue?
Will you tell your mom
To choose it, too?

The choice is yours,
So make it right
So me and Skip
Can sleep sound at night.

New choices will come
Each day that you wake,
You must learn to think about
Each choice that you make.

For the things you choose now,
Will determine the future,
There are lots of creatures
To love and to nurture. 

So start with yourself,
Start with your health,
And remember good decisions
Are your greatest wealth!"

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