Tuesday, March 22, 2011

There's Always Two Sides to Everything

Being sick sucks. Everyone can agree with that.

But I will award it one thing: it is a time to catch up on sleep. And when I sleep, I dream, which to me has always brought with it a sacred clairvoyance. Through my dreams I can see into my unconscious and in many ways, the future.

When I wake from a lucid dream full of symbols, I consult my dream dictionary and journal to document the meanings of these vivid scenes. However, when the meanings don't always bare the news that I would like to hear, I can often feel disheartened. I, by no means, expect life to always be full of rainbows and butterflies, but when I dreamt of being in a traffic jam last night, I wasn't stoked to read that it meant I may be stuck in my waking life, too. Specifically, the traffic jam suggests a frustration that life is not proceeding as smoothly as I would like it to. Ok. I can see that. I can be impatient at times and now that I have set my goal, I definitely have more weight to carry with me.

I try to blog everyday so that I can build my audience, but I am afraid I might start to sound boring if I am not truly inspired to do it. That is why sometimes, I will write short poems, or haikus instead of longer blogs. I also set a deadline of my next birthday to be published by, which we all know that as you get older, time seriously flies and those days pass by like lightning. The one thing that I must remind myself constantly is that this is my gift. In order for me to develop it to its full potential, I must continue to practice it everyday. I must actively participate in the world that I want to be a part of -- by attending writer's groups and author appearances, reading other's blogs and articles, ect. And when I have dreams that illustrate my frustrations, I must also honor them.

However, there's always two sides to everything. As my day unfolded, I was reminded of this. In my dream, I was driving along I-35 south to Kansas, where I just so happened to have a writer's meetup group scheduled this evening. After sitting in the traffic jam for a while, I decided to detour through the city and found my way back to the freeway, passed the messiness. I did overcome the obstacle, but my dream changed settings at that very moment that I was to enter back onto the freeway. It was strange because I didn't ever make it to where I was going in my dream.

Now, the last time I had a dream that warned of traffic, I actually took an impulsive exit off the interstate and sat in construction traffic for 30 minutes! So this time I didn't discount the premonition. Then, about an hour before the group was scheduled to meet, I received an email that the presenter was under a tornado watch and wasn't going to make it after all! WOW! I knew it all along. My dream was surely a sign that driving there would be a journey with no meaningful end in sight.

Being blessed with intuition is one of the greatest gifts I have experienced as a human being. I get gut feelings, tingly goose bumps and obviously, vivid psychic dreams. However, decoding these messages isn't always the easiest task. Sometimes the symbols that appear are so random and far out there that I don't even consider them as a valid sign until they appear right in front of my face! There are no coincidences in life!

Dreams have many levels of interpretation and today I experienced that first hand. Although there are the famous Freud and Jung interpretation theories, there is also the intuitive stream of unconsciousness at work alongside the stream of conscious accounts of the previous day's events. All of these together make for a pretty amazing puzzle -- one that I am grateful to receive in my sleep and to witness it unfold in my waking life.

It is important to see the dream from all of these angles and to keep a positive frame of mind when the symbols don't always forsee happy times. By choosing the higher road, the earthly path presents far fewer traffic jams.

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