Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"I got sunshiiiiiine, on a clouuuudy day!"

OK! (Pushing back my sleeves to write.)

It's crazy how once you finally make the decision to seek something that you already feel is inherently yours, the Gods smile down on you.

However, when I woke up this morning, I never would have guessed it was smiling that they were doing up there.  Last night after I posted my first blog, I lit some candles, crawled in bed and pondered my writing career; I Facebooked and tweeted about my blog and started following different publishing houses, quirky writers, marketing teams and non-profits with whom I related best being SparkedCom!  Love it!  Check em out: http://twitter.com/#!/SparkedCom

I plugged in the Droid and layed it down next to my dream journal on the bedstand.  I wondered how vivid my dreams might be tonight and what I would write in that beautiful aqua blue journal tomorrow morning--

So night took over and I dreamt of a vacation with people I respected that was nearing end.  I lingered in their company so long that I only allowed myself an hour to return a rental car and make it on an international flight.  Of course, I missed the flight. 

Nonetheless, I entered the airport to locate the ticket counter to reschedule my flight and found myself inside a never ending maze, equipped with warp holes that led to the right terminal eventually, but my airline, "GLOBE," was nowhere to be found.  I felt frustrated and stressed.  I wanted badly to find it, fix the situation and move on, but I couldn't.  It stung me in the gizzard.  I was exhausted.  I gave up and woke up simultaneously.

As I took in my surroundings, I noticed the bed was in complete disarray as if I had been literally running through the airport in it.  I even felt tired.

My overall interpretation of my dream was that I was asking too many people for directions and going to all of the wrong places, when I had the Orbitz flight status email in my Droid the whole time.  However, when I finally arrived to the right place, I didn't see the name "GLOBE."  That is when I thought about the symbolism of the name.  In my career, I would like to reach out all around the globe, which is much easier today with eBooks, blogs and such.  This worldly choice of word clearly meant something. 

So, I consulted my book, "The Hidden Meaning of Dreams," which has given me extreme insight into my unconscious lately.  In regards to being lost, the book reveals that it is a symbol of the beginning of a new phase of life and the anxiety of leaving behind the familiar.  The book suggests making a list (haha, that was my first blog) of things I want to achieve in life, but I interpret it as more of a timeline, ie. what I need to do first to get to this next, etc.  The book says to set an attainable goal; a deadline; and go for it! 

It's funny, because I just did this a few days ago for myself.  I set two personal, two career, and two health goals.  Now, having taken this first step of committing myself to writing and sharing every day -- it is time to revise those goals!  They are no longer goals, for they are now realities.  Yay!  New goals!  How exciting! 

So, I went from feeling lost to now drawing my own personal map.

The airport setting indicates a new departure in my life and the name "GLOBE" harmoniously resonates with "EARTH" to me and that is symbolic of the unconsious mind.  Earth is the fertile womb that contains potential for further development .  Now is the time to sow new seeds of life for the future.  WOW!  Love it! 

I clearly am departing on a new adventure in life and even though I couldn't find the airline in my dream, it doesn't mean that my "womb" cannot exist in waking life, too!  Actually, the closest thing to a life-like womb that I know of is a deprivation tank.  AND...It just so happens that there is one at Spa Tuscano in Briarcliff Village, only a few miles from my home.  I will take it as a sign and put it on the map!  Maybe I will even go today!!!  After I write my new goals, that is.

To Be Continued....


  1. Amanda-
    I couldn't stop reading or read fast enough. Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to reading your blog tomorrow...You are truly inspirational!

  2. I am jealous you dream so much! It sounds like your dream was a perfect reflection of what your thoughts are telling you. xoxo

  3. http://www.thespatuscano.com/menuofservices.htm#TheTuscanoFloat

  4. "When its cold outside, I got the month of may"--great post! Dreams are awesome :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  5. @Sarah, I was singing it in my head all day! Thanks for reading!