Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cheers to you!

Skateboarding gives me peace
when I see the way a rider has mastered his craft,
with grace, an amazing balancing act. 

The same way musicians get ya when they play
something great, that they have practiced and practiced
And those harmonies vibrate from your heart strings
All the way down to your feet,
Leaving you feeling light as a feather...

Softly, as my soul sings
Hallelujah to the sweet angels on earth--
Those who actually know their worth
And share this gift of self--
Life's true power of wealth.

Cheers to you!
For falling on your face, but getting back up.
For learning how to do it yourself.
For trying something new that has always been in you
For giving peace through just being.

Give freely!
Create peace.
Just be.

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